Making the Switch: How to Safely Change Your Birth Control

Karla Robinson, MD

Switching Birth Control

Birth control is no doubt a universal issue in women of childbearing years.  In a report of findings from the National Survey on Family Growth (NSFG 2006-2008) released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 62% of women aged 15-44 are currently using some form of contraception in this country.   More than 99% of women that have been sexually active one or more times, have used at least one form of birth control in their lifetime. 

If you happen to fall into any of these categories, chances are that you have had to make a switch in a method of contraception at some point.  Unfortunately, it can sometimes be very confusing to switch from one birth control to another.  Questions like “Do I need a backup method?”, and “When do I stop one and start another?” may arise during the process.  These are important questions to have the answers to, because switching birth control methods incorrectly can raise the risk of pregnancy.  

With over 50% of all pregnancies in the U.S. classified as unintended, it is important to understand the proper use of birth control when transitioning from one form to another.  Whether a switch from one brand of pill to another is necessary, or if a complete shift in the form of birth control is required, always make sure any birth control change is performed correctly to decrease the likelihood of an unintended pregnancy.

While any change in birth control can lead to some temporary changes in the menstrual cycle, it isn’t necessary to wait for your period to either stop the old method, or start a new one.  As long as the appropriate overlap is used, birth control effectiveness will not be compromised.  Overlap is used when it is necessary to give the new method of birth control time to start working prior to discontinuing the old one.  If you do not want to use the overlap method, a backup form of birth control can be used.  These methods include condoms and spermicide.  If you do not want to use a backup method, it is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse completely during the specified length of time.


Listed below are some general guidelines on how to properly transition between the most common forms of birth control and how to decrease the chances of unintended pregnancy while making the switch.  These recommendations may not apply in every circumstance; therefore it is always necessary to discuss switching birth control methods with your physician prior to making any changes.


If you take the pill:

It isn’t necessary to wait to finish the entire pill pack before switching to another form of birth control.  You can stop taking the pill at any point in the pack, but it is necessary to always start a new pill pack by taking the first pill in the pack.

  • When switching to a new pill or the ring:  Start it the day after taking a pill in the old pack.
  • When switching to the Depo shot or the progestin IUD:  Start it seven days before stopping the pill.
  • When switching to the patch:  Start the patch one day before stopping the pill.
  • When switching to the copper IUD:  Insert within five days of stopping the pill.
  • When switching to the progestin implant: Insert implant four days before stopping the pill.


If you use the Depo shot:

  • When switching to the pill, patch, ring, progestin IUD, or progestin implant:  Start it within 3 months of receiving the last shot.
  • When switching to the copper IUD:  Insert IUD within 4 months of receiving the last shot.


If you use the patch:

  • When switching to the pill:  Start the first pill one day before removing the patch.
  • When switching to the Depo shot or progestin IUD:  Start it seven days before removing the patch.
  • When switching to the ring:  Remove the patch and insert the ring on the same day.
  • When switching to the copper IUD:  Insert IUD within five days of removing the patch.
  • When switching to the progestin implant:  Insert implant four days before removing the patch.


If you use the ring:

  • When switching to the pill:  Start the first pill one day before removing the ring.
  • When switching to the Depo shot or progestin IUD:  Start it seven days before removing the ring.
  • When switching to the patch:  Start the patch two days before removing the ring.
  • When switching to the copper IUD:  Insert IUD within five days of removing the ring.
  • When switching to the progestin implant:  Insert implant four days before removing the ring.


If you use the copper IUD:

  • When switching to the pill, Depo shot, patch, or ring:  Start it seven days before removing the IUD.
  • When switching to the progestin IUD:  Insert progestin IUD immediately after removing copper IUD, and use a backup form of birth control (including condoms and spermicide) for seven days.
  • When switching to the progestin implant:  Insert implant four days before removing the IUD.


If you use the progestin IUD:

  • When switching to the pill, Depo shot, patch, or ring:  Start it seven days before removing the IUD.
  • When switching to the copper IUD:  Insert immediately after removing the progestin IUD.
  • When switching to the progestin implant:  Insert implant four days before removing the IUD.


If you use the progestin implant:

  • When switching to the pill, Depo shot, patch, ring or progestin IUD:  Start it seven days before removing the implant.
  • When switching to the copper IUD:  Insert IUD within five days of removing the implant.

92 Responses to Making the Switch: How to Safely Change Your Birth Control

  1. Kim says:

    I changed from the copper iud back to the depo after a year, they gave me my shot the same day they removed the iud. The next day my bf and I had intercourse, I have been sick to my tummy for the past week now but only after a certain time. Is there a chance that I could be pregnant?

    • Dr. Robinson says:

      There is always a slight chance of pregnancy with any contraception used but when switching to the contraceptive shot from the IUD it is always best to start the shot BEFORE removing the IUD to reduce the chance of unintended pregnancy and to decrease the need for using back up birth control. However, if the shot was started within 7 days of your last period the likelihood of pregnancy is low. If the shot was started at some other point in your cycle there may be a slightly higher risk of pregnancy. Be sure to mention your concerns to your doctor and they will determine the need for pregnancy testing. Thanks for visiting Urban Housecall!

  2. giselle says:

    Did u get prego? Im in the same situation. After having the IUD for 4 1/2 years i had it removed 8 days after my last period started and got the depo injection on the same day. Then 2 days later my husband and i had unprotected sex and now im worried that i didn’t wait enough time for the depo to take effect.

  3. Megan says:

    Im on Kariva and it’s giving me headaches how do I switch one from one pill to another and how do I do it? Do I have to wait till I finish this pack? The headaches are killing me

  4. Jenny says:

    I switched from Nora QB birth control pill to Depo shot for birth control about a week ago. I switched from the pill to depo because I was having more frequent bleeding with my pill that I didn’t use to have before. I seem to be having hot flashes now that I didn’t have when on the pill. I am 48 years old and understand that I am para-menopausal, but I’m concerned because I didn’t have the hot flashes before and I want to avoid this symptom of menopause. Also, I have high blood pressure so I cannot take estrogen birth control. Is this a temporary side effect as my body gets use to the Depo or did I make a mistake switching birth control?

  5. Carmicheal says:

    I am wanting to switch from the Depo-provera shot to some form of birth control pill, and i was wondering if when I started my pills if it would bring my period a long faster?

    • amanda says:

      I did the switch from depo to orthotricyclin and I just had a period, or so I think, I’ve been bleeding about three days now. I started the shot in November 2005 and my last shot was November 2012. When I was due for my next injection on January 2013, I switched to the pill, so about two months is when I started a period again. But is different for everyone.

      • Ally says:

        When did you start taking the pill again? Before or after your shot was do? Was there a time frame that you had to wait?

  6. ssz says:

    I am switching from Loestrin 24 to lo loestrin. do i need protection within the 7 days of switching? They are the same type of pills but the one i switched to is a lower hormone dose.

  7. Susan says:

    I switched from Aviane to Monessa. I had sex without a condom about a week or two after switching. I took the pill in my new Monessa pack the same day and time as usual. There was no time in between where there wasnt any birth control in my system. I am really worried that I may be pregnant. PLEASE RESPOND!!

  8. Casey says:

    I switched from the mirena iud to the pill I started the pill the same day I got my iud taken out. We used condoms for a week as the told me but I’m about to start my second pack of pills and I still haven’t got my period, I never had a period on the iud should I be concerned?

    • meg says:

      did you ever get your period? or did u just start the next birth control? I am in the same boat and nervous. Not sure what to do

    • Marie says:

      I don’t think you should be worried. I’m not speaking from experience but when I was looking into what method I wanted to take, I read about them all. And I’m pretty sure that with any of the long term methods like the iud or the shot, if you take it out because you want to get pregnant, your chances aren’t back to normal for up to like 6 months. You can get pregnant after, but I think the chances are almost as low as when you had it in, because it was a long term device and the hormones and stuff take longer to cycle through your system. If you’re still worried then I would get a test or wait a couple weeks and check for symptoms of pregnancy but when you switch you’re probably not going to get your period normally, if you get it at all, for at least a little while.
      Idk how much that helps but I know how stressful these things can be so I thought I might be able to take some of the worry away:) I hope things turn out well for you!

    • Holly Ramsey says:

      Casey I am having the same issue that’s why in actually on the website because I was looking for answers. I got my iud removed and then switched to the pills and even though I’m not sexually active anymore the two times I was I used protection and I’m two pills away from the end of my pill pack and haven’t gotten my period either

  9. Christina says:

    I too switched from the mirena to the depo shot. They took the iud out the same day they gave me the shot. I waited a week before my husband and i had intercourse. it has been a month and still no period.I got my period last month and it ended the day before i made the switch but so far nothing

    • Katie says:

      When I was on the depo I only got a period when my shot was due so every three months for about 6 months to a year then they stopped. I would take a pregnancy test if you’re concerned but it’s normal for the depo to stop periods.

  10. Janett says:

    I had the depo shot for 1 month then had the iud inserted is there any possibility I could of gotten pregnant?

  11. Lex says:

    I switched from a pill to the Depo shot. I got my first injection the day before my period. When I got my period it was very light and spotty. I was told to wait 2 weeks before having unprotected sex. I had unprotected sex about 3 days after the 2 weeks suggested time. Its 2 weeks later and I have not gotten a period or spotted. However, I do feel like I have cramps. Should i worry if I’m pregnant?

  12. Jenn says:

    I’m switching from Jolivette (minipill) to OrthoTricyclen Lo. My doctor wants me to wait a week between the end of my old pack and the beginning of the new. Why? I just had a period. Does that mean I’ll have another?

  13. latoyameadows says:

    I use to be on the depo but my doc switched me to da pill;i took it for three months ;i had iregular periods so i got back on the shot ;what did i do wrong?

  14. carley says:

    I went from depo to implanon but I waited two weeks after my last shot was due & never got the shot . Within 3 days of having the implanon ad unprotected sex idk I’m scared

  15. Sam says:

    I was on the pill for a year and one month and had a hard time taking it everyday due to my hectic job and school hours. I got the shot 4 days after the end of my period and did not take any more pills. I had sex with my boyfriend 5 days later and the condom broke during intercorse.. Am I most likely safe or should I get a plan B pill? The dr. said my period would likely stop on the shot so how would I tell if I am pregnant?? Insight please.

  16. Lupita says:

    I just changed from depo to the implanon and haven’t had periods and now I’ve had my period for about a week could that be from switching birth control?

    • mlb says:

      Yes i think it will be i was on the pill and i had irregular bleeding then i got the depo jab and i haven’t had a period for over 3 years! i now have to switch to the implant because theres not enough hormones in my body! The doctor told me i may get my period once on the implant so dont worry =)

  17. Bibby says:

    I had my Mirena removed today due to some unknown pelvic pain that they can’t seem to diagnose. They said to call them back and let them know how I was feeling and if it was gone. They didn’t give me the depo shot today or any other kind of birth control. They said that they want me to wait until I call back in 2 weeks and let them know how things were going, should they have given me the shot today or is it ok that they are going to wait at least 2 weeks?

  18. Miracle says:

    I just got the iud taken out the doctor told me wait till I have period to start the birth control pills Which I did I was on iud for 1 1/2 now 2 weeks later still on pills can me and my husband have sex now without worrying if I get pregnant we don’t want anymore kids yet

  19. Annon says:


    ive just started taking YAz and i can feel my body is funny and my mood is pure aggression, the reason i took it was to miss my period as i will be having it whilst on holiday and we going camping this is NOT ideal..

    please can someone tell me what to do about changing and still being able to skip my period

    • Jenny says:

      I’m on Yaz too. I know a lot of women skip the white placebo pills at the end of the month to skip their periods til the next cycle. I would not advise doing this all the time because your body does need that break for a period, but you can forego your period by skipping the white pills during that month.

  20. NiaA says:

    I was on depo long enough to receive 3 injections. When it was time for my 4th I switched to Ortho tri cyclen for about a week then discontinued bc all together. A week later I bleed for 6 days. That was 3 weeks ago and I’m having horrible pregnacy symptoms. I’d it possible I may have conceived?

  21. Phynix says:

    I had my Mirena IUD removed on Friday and started the pill the same day. I was told there was no need for a back up form of protection but I’m nervous fate reading different posts. I did not have a monthly cycle on the IUD but started the second day in the pill. We had sex later in the day on Friday after I took my first pill, am I still protected or should I be worried?

  22. Cassandra says:

    I have now been off of Depo Provera for 6 months and was waiting for my period to come back before having a copper IUD inserted but I still have not started menstruating. I’ve had a brown discharge twice, both times I assumed my period was starting but they only lasted two days. Will it be more difficult for me to have an IUD inserted without my menstrual cycle and when can I expect to start menstruating again?

  23. danielle says:

    Hi Phynix,
    How did ur situation pan out for u? I’m in the same boat. Had it removed on friday and started the pill on Sunday, started bleeding and I’m thinking that’s my period but not quite sure.

  24. samantha says:

    im just dont finish my last pack of pills i had a period on my on the pill and i am switchen to a new kind of period is it okay if i start the new pill

  25. M says:

    I had my implant removed 3w ago I started the pill the same day. We have had sex with a few days of having the implant out – would I ave been covered by the pill?

  26. tiffany buffa says:

    Hi well im toffany an i just got of the depo shot an switched to the pill but im not sure if im supposed to wait until my period comes back to take it or was supposed to start that same day please help me im confusedconfused

  27. Stephanie says:

    Depo provera works instantaneously, so having sex unproctect even instantly after receiving the shot, your chance of getting pregnant is slim to none…

    • Katie says:

      No it isn’t fully effective until seven days after the shot is received. Your body needs time to absorb it much like a pill or an implant there is always a risk.

  28. Sakyra Price says:

    I got injected with Depo three months ago.. December. I was suppose to get my second March 6-20th but I don’t want Depo anymore. I was wondering how long I should wait until I start the patch. Please answer!! I’ve done lots of research and I haven’t got anything out of it.

  29. sharmean says:

    went to dr today was suppose to take shot but i didnt.The shot was making me all depressed n shits so i switch to the pill was told by dr f to start pill today.and was told my period would cum when i finish first pack of pill,im sensible enough to know that ,that blood woulnd be the real period, it would be force blood

  30. Lex says:

    I was on the Depo shot for about 2 and a half years, with no period. In March of 2013, I decided to switch to the pill, Lessina. I have now been on the pill and off of the shot for about a month, and still haven’t had a period, or any sign of my period. Me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex since I’ve switched from the Depo. Any suggestions?

  31. Crystal says:

    Question on this quote: “If you take the pill:
    It isn’t necessary to wait to finish the entire pill pack before switching to another form of birth control. You can stop taking the pill at any point in the pack, but it is necessary to always start a new pill pack by taking the first pill in the pack.” – My gyno failed to mention that…
    When I switched, it was on a Thursday in the first week of my old pill pack, I just took out Mon-Wed of the new pack and took Thursday’s pill. My boyfriend and I had sex that night and again on the following Tuesday. Did I put us at risk of pregnancy?

  32. Kayla says:

    I just had my IUD taken out 2 days ago, started my bc pills the same day and had unprotected sex lastnight…. Is it possible that I could get pregnant???

  33. Janise says:

    Hi, when I switched from the patch to the pill, I used all 3 patches and after that I got my period. After my period ended, I started the pill. Could I still have gotten pregnant?

  34. Andy says:

    I got the Depo shot in January of this year. I had to switch from the Depo to the pill because I had my period for 3 months straight. Which made me anemic. I’m suppost to be put on the pill today but I’m scared something bad will happen. Can anyone help me?

    • stephanie says:

      I had the same thing, but didn’t become anemic, I had my stop in December and bleed 3 weeks later for 9weeks , I switched straight to the pill as dr told me it would stop the bleeding, which it did thankfully, I had enough of the cramping and bleeding was so annoying, and I was tired a lot, nothing bad should happen , if your worried talk some more with your dr

  35. kroby1975 says:

    I currently have my tubes tied. i recently decided to get on another form of birthcontrol because my sister and her best friend both got pregnant with their tubes tied. Both miscarried. I dont want to go through that if i was in the percentage so i decided to get a depo injection on March 27. my doc said she did not need to wait for a period because she was sure i was not pregnant. I did not get a period until April 18. I would have usually got my period a week earlier than that. It was basically brown discharge. that lasted for about 1 week and then i started spotted with no break in between and I have been spotting ever since. It never has been heavy. i use a panty liner. My doc told me to take 800 mg of ibuprofen 3x a day for 3-5 days and that should help, but i still spot. i may have stopped once or twice but it always come back. My next shot is due june 12-26. I decided i was going on the pill. how long does spotting last and when can i actually get on the pill?

    • stephanie says:

      hey I bleed on the depo for 9weeks once I changed to the pill the bleeding stopped within a week, was such a relief

  36. Angelina cajigas says:

    I’m on the depo for 2months and want to switch to the iud cause I been bleeding for a month I want to know if I can get it while on the shot?

    • kroby1975 says:

      i spoke with my doctor a few days ago about being on depo and spotting. I told her i wanted to go on the pill. she told me i can start on the pill this sunday (mothers day). I origianlly got the shot March 27 and have been bleeding since April 18. I hope the pill will stop the bleeding.

  37. Syra says:

    I was taking Loestrin Lo and I switched to TriCyclen as soon I was finished with my last placebo pill. I am now on the 4th placebo pill of TriCyclen and I never got my period yet. Is there any chance I might be pregnant? Please help ASAP

  38. Sarah says:

    Hi there,
    I switched from Yasmin to Marvelon (both combined pills) I was on Yasmin for 10 years and switched by recommendation from my Doctor due to bad headaches.
    She knew I was on my pill free week at the time and told me to start the new pills after the 7days. It’s 2 1/2 weeks since I started the new one and my breasts are huge and sore. I am also feeling very fiery. I have since learned that I was supposed to use extra precaution and not take the pill break. I have had sex a few times with my fiance as I didnt know til now.
    Can anyone give me some advice?? Please and thank you :)

  39. Nicole says:

    I started birth control pills for the first time this sunday, i got my periodthe day before saturday. I am switching to a different type since the one i am on now is not covered by my insurance. Lets say i get my new pills next week how would i start them?

  40. Samantha says:

    Question i was on depo and tey day i was supposed to get my last stot i started pills.i been on the pills for twegno weeks.woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach.could i be pregnant

    • Madz says:

      Did you got pregnant? Coz what you feel that time is what i also feel right now when i switch to pills from depo.. Something bad in my stomach, im thonking if i am pregnant

  41. Miranda says:

    I just had my implant(implanon) out last Friday after having it in for 2 years and 3 months. My doctor put me on the pill, I didn’t start it until Sunday, my fiancé and I had intercores on Tuesday, I’ve been taking the pill since Sunday is it possible that I might be or become pregnant with unprotected sex but was on the pill but switched from the implant. Did the pill take affective?? Or could I be pregnant??

  42. Nik says:

    I used the pill to change my cycle. Finished a pack (28day pills) & took 8days off a new pack. Had sex with my boyfriend on the 9th day. Got my period on the 10th day (a Wed). Resumed a new oil pack on that Sun (14th day). Now 2 1/2 wks later, I’ve been nauseous &very tired. Is it possible that I might be pregnant? Have taken two urine tests &both have been negative but it is early. I’m not supposed to get my period for about 1 1/2 wks.

  43. Amy says:

    I started on the pill 2 1/2 months ago. I had bad side affects to it but a month and half in it failed and I got my period for 8 days. I’ve never had them that long in my life. I assumed it was more because I hadn’t had my period properly for that month. I mostly get my period for 4-5 days.

    I ended up waiting until the next month for my period and have changed to the depo shot. I still have my period 6 days in, I’m worried its not going to “protect me” technically my period should have stopped completely by the next day, or just started to be heaps lighter. That’s what’s the doctor said. Will I get it the same next

    I have a prescription
    For the pill. Can I start taking that now just in case? My boyfriend is in the army. And I went to visit him and couldn’t have Sex because my period. And I wasn’t sure if I would be protected from
    Getting pregnant and we didn’t have condoms. I see him in another 4 weeks and I’m
    Worried ill have my period again..I do not want it as its been a long time for me and my partner!

    Ill go to the doctor I just would like an opinion on if I should now start the pill and just skip the sugar pills when it comes. Not sure if ill have too much of the stuff in my System and I would be affected..

  44. stephanie says:

    Hello, I switched from the depo shot to tri-cuclen lo.
    After being on the shot for 9 months, ive now been on the pill for 3 my period has been messed late of all things , i know your suspose to start your period of the blue pills. for the first to months i started on or a little after the blue pills. this month i still havent started, I am sexualy active but only once this month? the next day i was a little late on taking my pill at normal time.
    Could i be pregnant ? or is my body still getting use to the change of biorthcontrol.
    I havent had morning sickness or even missed a pill just been late taking one ( give or take a few hours ) . ? could i take a test to make sure? or should i wait & start my new pack and see if im just late to to the changes in my body.
    I must say im scared , i dont need another child anytime soon.

  45. barbara says:

    I am 49.5 years old and have been on Depo-Provera for 12 years I am switching to the mini pill due to weight gain I haven’t had a period for 2 years do I still need a condom??

  46. Jacey says:

    i switched from the Depo back to Nuvaring, i was supposed to get my period a day ago and still nothing… is this regular?

  47. Stacey says:

    I was on microgynon for 10 years. Doc changed me to mini pill cos of my age.
    I’m currently on my second packet, but I’ve been on my period for 2 weeks now
    is this normal??
    I’m going on holiday next week and he gave me pills to stop my period if it came on holiday
    Why have I been on for so long?
    Can I start taking the holiday pill and see if it stops my period now??

  48. jessica says:

    I switched from the arm implant to the depo had unprotected sex the four days after. Don’t know when my period is. Could I be pregnant

  49. Leslie says:

    On Monday my implanon came out of my arm & was given a new birth control method (the patch) on Friday but was instructed not to start it until Sunday, Within the week my husband did have sex, but he was wearing a condom. However, when we were finished the condom was stuck inside of me, When removed it facing the right way up. Plus he said that he didn’t “finish”. Is there anyway that I could be pregnant?

  50. katie says:

    I want to switch from the depo to the pill , i recieved my pills already and the clinic dr said to use it on the 31 and i was suppose to get my next shot between 16-30 i dont want to become pregnant and i need to know if i should start it already since its going to be the 29th or should i wait till the 31st or till sunday the 1st

  51. Angel says:

    Is it safe to use the Mirena iud and the depo provera together ?

  52. kennedi says:

    when switching from one pill to another, do you start the new pill from day one the day after taking one from the old pack. please its urgent.

  53. kennedi says:

    and do you continue until the end of the new pack

  54. Alexia says:

    If I took the pill the day before I switched to Depo-Provera… Is it possible to be pregnant…The doctor said wait 7 days because my period wasn’t on and it wouldn’t work immediately.. but we had unprotected sex the Same day.!?

  55. Alexia says:

    I have a question..If i switched from the birth control pill to the Depo-Provera shot within one day of one another is it possible to be pregnant if i was told to wait 7 days for it to take effect, but we had unprotected sex the same day? Please help..

  56. nonotyet says:

    Id been in gynera for my first month and switching to trust pills same combination pills.. i started trust pills right after 7 days free pills day.. is the pills effective continously or do i need to wait 7 days?

  57. I myself experienced a miscarriage at around 10 weeks on 24th, November, 2012. This is despite an ultrasound test at 8 weeks that showed a normal and health fetus. I bled for around 2 weeks following the miscarriage. I received my normal menstrual period on 27th, December, 2012; approximately 20 days after I stopped bleeding due to miscarriage. I went for a pregnancy test after the period and it was negative. In January, we started trying for the first time to get pregnant and yes, after five weeks I tested positive. I could not be able to express my joy at getting pregnant again after a miscarriage that fast and easy.

  58. mmathapelo says:

    Could one fall pregnant when swItching from microval pills to nodette or does it affect one’s menstrual cycle?

  59. Naylene says:

    I was taking the pill and I stopped using it for a while cuz I would miss days. So with that said I just stopped I didn’t like it whats so ever but few weeks later I went ba k to the nuvaring, had unprotected sex and now I haven’t gotten my period. Can I be pregnant?

  60. Bokkie says:

    hi. went from depo to the pill 2weeks ago. after 4years on depo im experiencing period pain. didn’t get my period yet. how long before i actually get my period? my body experiencing change.

  61. Eliza says:

    I have been on the depo for about 6 years.. I know it’s a long time than I’m supposed to but my question is that will the change to the Nuva Ring have any side effects to my body. I’m really scared for the change but realize that I do need to change my method. What advice do you have for me. Wht do you recommend.
    I have tried the pill but the pill makes makes lose weight.. Like anorexia thin..

  62. Brittaney says:

    I use to be on the ortho tri cyclen lo birth control pills and I’m switching to previfem birth control pills can I just start taking them on a Sunday or do I have to wait until I get my period

  63. Aoife says:

    Hi, I changed from the patch to the pill but my patch was removed 9 hours before I took the first pill. Will the pill work if I take it for a week without sex?

  64. Shan says:

    I’ve stopped taking Yaz and start using Minerva and still haven’t got my period after 28 days

  65. joanne says:

    im taking cerazette back to back pill but im switching to the implant, do I have to stop taking the pill to do this?

  66. Vd says:

    If I’m switching from the shot to pills do I need pap smear, I had one 6 months ago. Please help

  67. Naomi says:

    I stopped taking the Yasmin pill on Friday, and today (Wednesday) got my depo provera shot, however even though I would be on my 7 day break, I am not currently bleeding but I am 100% not pregnant.
    When will my depo shot become completely effective? Do I need back up methods of contraception?

  68. Anonymous says:

    I changed from a generic version of Beyaz to Ortho tri cyclen. My doctor told me to start the Ortho on the same week I stopped my current birth control. So, Sunday would have been the start of week 2 for my Beyaz, and I took the first pill of week 2 of the Ortho. Did I do this wrong? I thought I understood my doctor clearly but I am beginning to rethink that I am switching correctly.

  69. Christina says:

    I had a miscarriage 2 years ago and had really irregular periods afterwards. I started taking the depo in April 2012 and I am due for my next shot in a week. I talked to my OBGYN and decided I wanted to switch to the pill. He gave me a 2 month supply of sample of safyral. I am worried about the changes my body will go through. Is there any thing I should be expecting?

  70. gracie says:

    I switched from the depo shot to the pill… Is it likely that my period will come back on week four? Or does the depo linger?

  71. gracie says:

    I switched from the depo shot to the pill… Is it likely that my period will come back on week four? Or does the depo linger?

  72. Julie A Walter says:

    I got my copper iud pulled out and I started the pill the same day. We waited 8 days before we had sex w/o a condom. I am now on my 3rd day of the sugar pill and still haven’t started my period. Should I be worried?

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